About Cayeli TSO

Our Mission


Within total quality management understanding; Law No. 5174 and related regulations and other applicable laws the duties assigned to us by the legislation, taking advantage of the possibilities of technology at the highest level, modern and customer satisfaction oriented with superior quality, efficient to offer our customers.

Our Vision


* To make our city a natural and ecotourism center that will provide openness to the world.

• Being aware of the solution of the structural and current problems of the private sector, to identify and remove obstacles in front of the development of the business world,

• To cooperate with all public and private professional, scientific, social and cultural institutions in order to ensure the development of the province and the region,

• Moving our services to international standards, we aim to bring customer satisfaction to the highest level,

• Increasing the existing foreign trade relations, especially the neighboring countries, and ensuring that our members' foreign trade develops.