About Cayeli TSO

Our History

Cayeli Chamber of Commerce and Industry that governs No. 5174 Turkey Chambers and Chambers and Commodity Exchanges and Exchanges Union specified in the Code, to meet the common needs of its members, to facilitate their professional activities, to ensure the development of the profession in accordance with the general interest, integrity and trust in their relations with each other and with the peoples of members in order to keep the profession discipline moral and solidarity and to fulfill the duties given by the legislation with the services written in the mentioned law and in 1974 with the late Dursun SARICAM  Chairman of the Board of Directors and started to serve in the former municipality.

Our Chamber was moved to its own place at the municipality New Site Flat: 4 in 1997 and still continues to serve here.


We wish all our members success in their working lives.


Çayeli Chamber of Commerce And Industry 


Board of Director